User Interface (UI) Design

User Interface (UI) Design.

Here at Infonaya , we design UI for interactive digital products and services on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. We use best practices of interaction design, visual design and UX Design.

These methods are informed by user research, prototyping, wireframing and Usability Testing. Ease of interaction for users is the cornerstone of stellar digital product experiences. Graphic Mint’s rigorous process, adaptive client collaboration and attention to detail transforms your UI into a resolved UX.

User Interface Design

Visual Design

We design the visual style or skin of the application’s presentation layer. We start with conceptual ideation, then on to iterative rounds and reviews of visual design mock-ups. UI specification documents, style guides and diagrams help us or your dev team to easily implement the design.

Front End Development

Ensure the final design implementation is straightforward and painless, as we adapt to each development team’s requirements, workflow and skillset. We are fully equipped with extensive experience with HTML, CSS and JavaScript to hit the ground running throughout the development cycle.

Mobile and Responsive Design

Guarantee the integrity and image of the UI is maintained, irrespective of what devices or viewports are used with responsive designs. We ensure your digital product performs consistently across all platforms without expensively creating and maintaining multiple versions of a digital product.